Piano Teeth

the love of lilypads

a stampede of howling heartbeats type of  love

a river of lantern lights in starless veins type of love

it was   fireflies chasing vineyards with moonjars type of love

a nighttime home in a coat of daydreams kind of love

a meadow silk in a lace of finger’s willow wands love

it was lips with thunderstorms over silent oceans love

all of the sky in awe of violets

in a love of wishes in eyeshadowed overspill

in a swooning well of faery spells

Dive deep With eyes wide

Autism Milk

I am the disease that you fear—a child with Moss eyes that Forest slow; a silvery forest bold. Drown me in the Nile of milk, and discover a Pharaoh. No cure! The vaccines are  not purgatory. buy a new life, one in the morning before the Light.


 I wanted to emancipate the words into verbs. Looking through a telescope at those rhymes that were too far to reach. Too far away to chart properly. A cartographer with eyes studied in the prodigal stumble. The sort of clumsy wizened balance one must have to be accustomed to falling properly, over the precipes-to where…